Bargain Time

8 06 2010

**WARNING – Unsolicited plug below **

As much as I love the LBS, and try to support them wherever possible, sometimes they are just too damn pricey. And sometimes, there are online deals that are just too good to pass up.

Lately, the Aussie dollar has been doing well against the $US and the £UK.

However, these savings are usually offset by hefty overseas delivery fees.

But at the moment, have free delivery to Australia on orders over $55 + 10% off all online orders.

I just bought a pair of Gatorskin Hardshells for $AUD 52 each. My LBS has them for $99 each and they aren’t even the hardshells, they’re the superceded 2009 model. The best price I could find in Australia was $59.95 each (again, the 2009 version).

They delivery time is about a week, but considering I have been waiting for a couple of months now to get a pair of Gatorskins, I can live with a week, especially when I’m getting a bargain.

So if you’re in the market for some upgrades, replacements or all new gadgets, do yourself a favour and have a look. You might just save some money.




4 responses

8 06 2010

I too will plug because they offer free shipping to the US. $42 for Conti 4000s? A great deal. I don’t know how they can afford to waive the shipping fee, but I won’t question them.

I’m very curious to know how the Gatorskins work out for you.

9 06 2010

I nearly went for the 4000s, but the new hardshells have protection on the sidewalls too, and considering the number of flats I’ve been getting lately…

9 06 2010

Interesting, haven’t seen the Hardshells, will have to consider them the next time I replace my Gatorskins.

Is a $7 saving worth it? For $7 I think I’d support my LBS. Also, I just looked up the price of the Garmin Edge on PBK and after conversion they are significantly more expensive than buying locally, so you need to watch out.

9 06 2010

For the same product, the best online price (in Australia) is a 47% saving. If I tried to get the 2010 product at an LBS, it’d be a lot more than $99, if I could even get it.

So…if I’m going to get it online, I’ll go for the best online deal. On the day, PBK had the cheapest price, the most up-to-date product, and free delivery.

For $7, I’ll go to the LBS everytime. For a 47% saving and free delivery…the wallet talks.

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