Back in the saddle

20 06 2010

It’s been two long weeks. Two weeks since I did anything exercise related. Two weeks feeling tired and cranky and off-colour. Two weeks wanting to get out and do something but everytime I try it rains. Two weeks with a pair of new shoes and a set of new tyres that are screaming to be used.

And today they were. I’ve used the shoes before (once), and  clocked a PB on the home-work run.

Today, I made it out for a run and a ride.

The run, a 13km loop over Willans Hill and back. Willans hill is the steepest, highest hill we have here in Wagga and it is perfect training for the C2S in 7 weeks. Not having been out for a while, I was expecting to feel a bit sluggish, but I didn’t. I felt great and I think it has a lot to do with my shoes. My old shoes were $50 specials that weren’t specifically designed for running. 8 months old and they’d been worn to death. The sole  was flat and lifeless and every time I took a stride I could feel the pavement slapping my feet hard.

But now, it’s great. Forgive the cheap advertising type line, but it’s like running on pillows. I can well imagine that if I had barefeet and lush soft grass, it would feel the same. Plus the spring in the sole gives me that tiny little push forward with each step. I absolutely love them. Despite the hard run, the time was good (for me anyway). My legs didn’t ache, my knees didn’t hurt. If I hadn’t been keen to be home by noon, I would have taken the long route home and added another 2kms instead of taking a shortcut to my backdoor. My time was pretty much on my long-term average, and considering the lay-off, I’m very happy.

In 49 days, the C2S is toast. I’m officially announcing a goal of a sub 90 minute time, with a bold goal of 80minutes.

Two hours later, and I was on the bike for the Sunday afternoon group ride. I’ve been plagued by flats over the last couple of months and I was keen to try out my new Gatorskin Hardshells. They’re supposedly the most flat resistant tyre around, but I still took two tubes with me just in case. If only I had thought to take a pair of gloves and a rain jacket as well. It drizzled on and off for the whole ride and didn’t make for the mos enjoyable outing. But despite it being only my third ride if the month, and not long after a hard run, the ride went well. No flats. No problems of any kind (that weren’t weather related), other than a bit of tiredness at the end. The tyres felt great, not sluggish or blah in any way. The time for the ride was good. A little slower than normal, but that was me, not the bike.

Actually, there was a problem. I was so used to getting slow leak flats, that whenever we stopped to wait for people to catch up, I stopped to give the tyres a squeeze. I’m looking forward to shaking that particular mental monkey.

So, a good day. It felt good to do something again, although my back and knees ache tonight. Think I might take an easy 6km lap tomorrow before breakfast.

Run: 13.1km, 1h 15m 0s, 10.32kph, 5m49s/km

Ride: 63.02km, 2hr 19m 23s, 27.13kph




5 responses

21 06 2010

Why the break? You been sick? Or just busy? Or just slack 🙂

21 06 2010

All three, as it happens.

21 06 2010

Taking long, unintentional breaks is tough. Always feels good to get back to it!

Glad you like the Gatorskins. I haven’t ridden them in the rain yet. I try to avoid it, but I get caught at least once each year.

22 06 2010

The true test of the Gatorskins will come with time. One ride does not a good tyre make.

23 06 2010

Let me know how those Gatorskins do after 2000 kilometers. That’s about when I started getting my rash of flats. Like you, I catch myself squeezing my tires at stops, too!

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