6 08 2010

It’s been a frustrating couple of months.
A new (second) job has kept me busy.
A chest infection has kept me inside.
And when all that settled down…a twisted ankle on the comeback run.

In the last two months I’ve had one ride and maybe six runs. One was my first 20k, the other was about 1k before the ankle gave in.

Two days ago, I got back out on the road for a run. The first since twisting my ankle and the last before the City to Surf on Sunday.

Tomorrow I’ll head up to Sydney and on Sunday morning I’ll line up with 80,000 others to run the 14.5km

Before everything stopped, I could run 15km in a fraction under 90 minutes. Despite now being thoroughly underprepared, I’m sticking to the same goal.

The “All things considered, I’ll take it” Goal – 90mins
The “I really want this one” Goal – 85mins
The “How awesome would it be to beat this time” Goal – 80mins

Anything under 100mins will qualify me for a higher start group next year (assuming their is a next year), but I’ll come back disappointed if I don’t at least beat the 90mins.

Wish me luck.




One response

6 08 2010

Good luck mate, just go out and enjoy the run, it is supposed to be utter madness with all those people. if you do it next year maybe I’ll join you, I’ve been meaning to do it for ages.

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