26 08 2010

I am seriously going to slap the next person who tells me we are in drought. Most of the country may be, but we aren’t. It has rained almost every day this month, and rained well. Not a sprinkle here or there but good sold rain. The dams are at 60% and rising, Lake Albert is almost over-flowing and I wake up expecting another gorgeous wet day.

So, we are not in drought. You’re a fool if you think we are. Still, some sun would be nice, as my afternoon run was cancelled again.

One a different note, I finally got around to digging out the last photo taken of me before I decided to get fit and healthy. (Actually I was reasonably healthy, just very unfit and overweight. My blood tests were all normal and cholesterol was actually very good).

So, with about a year between them…

I’ll try and get one without sunnies and cap, but I think I can see a definite improvement. One of the new grads at work saw my ID photo (the first one) and couldn’t believe it was actually me.




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