28 08 2010

As the riding season (ok, my riding season) kicks off again, I went for a ride again today. The Gregadoo Loop, with one or two unplanned detours, clocking up 49.67km @ 28.32kph. Considering I back to getting my arse kicked by hills, I think I did pretty well. Since I haven’t been riding much (at all) over the last two months,  I can only put this down to the benefits of cross training – ie running.

Before I stopped for winter, I averaged 28-29kph per ride, especially for those under 2 hours. So I don’t think I’ve lost too much. I’ll start putting hills in more frequently and get my climbing strength up again.

My ride today brought my 2010 tally to 2310kms, woefully short of my 5200km goal. I’ve got one third of the year left to do about 56% of the kms. Or, if your prefer, I need to average 23.12kms a day.  Considering I originally set my target based on a little of 14kms  a day, I’ve definitely got some work to do.

On the ride today, I got swooped. Bloody magpies. In the process of ducking and weaving the stupid bird, I strained a muscle in my neck and am not impressed. My bloody neck is more sore than my legs which are rapidly improving. I can understand why people ride with those stupid plastic ties sticking out the top of their helmets, but a bump on the back of the helmet (ok, two) and a stiff neck is not enough to make me do the same.

Run day tomorrow, squeezed in somewhere between a birthday party for my big girl who is turning 4 and a night shift at work.




2 responses

28 08 2010

You’re faster than me. I’m averaging about 24.5 Km/hr this year. My goal is 5,000km this year, currently about 90km behind. I’m seriously considering putting some of those plastic ties on my helmet, those magpies scare the shut out of me!

29 08 2010

Those are still really good numbers. My average speed isn’t up to that right now. I’m not sure I could handle those magpies. Keep up the great workouts.

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