14 09 2010

This past Sunday was the annual Lake to Lagoon Fun Run, the oldest free fun run in the country, having been run for some 39years now. Originally the City to Lake, the course was reversed and revised a few years back to become the Lake 2 Lagoon. This year it was revised again.

The course is usually 9.5km, with the last two kms or so along a path on the edge of the Murrumbidgee River. Recent heavy rain forced a course change, and the organisers, in their ultimate wisdom, opted to switch to an out and back format. Personally I don’t understand this. Why not just find an alternate finishing spot in town and just take a different path through the city? I cannot fathom why the run does not go down main street anyway. Screw the traffic. It’s a few hours out of the year, and those desperate enough to drive around could easily be detoured.

Anyway, the point is that the rain stuffed things up, as two months of fairly constant rain will do. The Lake to Lagoon had become the Lake to Lake. In another “please explain” the course was also shortened from 9.5 to just over 8kms. I simply don’t understand why the course had to be shortened at all. It would have taken zero effort to let the course extend another 500m down the road before turning around, especially since the road would have been closed for the original route anyway.

So, I lined up with a couple of thousand others. Only a few feet from the start line, I waited for the instructions. But it seems that sometime between the getting the cyclists started and sending the runners off, the PA system was switched off, and the two old dears with the starting gun were oblivious. They were happily talking away giving instructions and wishing everyone well (I only assume this as I couldn’t hear them), seemingly unaware that none of us could hear a word. One minute we were standing there and the next minute the gun went off. From somewhere around me I heard the words…”oh, we’re starting.”

The first couple of kms went well. My left hammy was feeling alright and I’d found a good position behind a very attractive runner. We all need motivation. She seemed to be a little faster than me, and keeping within a respectful distance was motivating me to push a little harder.  Anyway, just before the 3km mark, I shifted to the left to catch a little clear road when I twisted my ankle. Not badly, but enough to bugger my run. I probably could have continued, but I’ve done enough to my ankles over the years to know better than to push my luck.

Race over. I hobbled to the three km mark before crossing over and heading back the other way. It had taken me just on 15minutes to get this far, and would take me another 50 to get back. After being passed by nearly every runner and a fair few walkers, I crossed the line in about 65 mins. Honestly, if I’d run it, I think I could have done it in 40mins. The winner crossed in 28mins. Since I didn’t do the whole course, it’s my first official running DNF.

So, my third injury in two months. This one isn’t very bad, and as I sit hear typing and listening to the rain (again), I’m wondering if I could make a ride in the morning. Time will tell. With the lack of exercise and poor effort I’ve been putting into my diet over winter (and these first two weeks of spring) I’ve crept back up to 90kgs.

I will be 85 kgs by Christmas and 80kgs by the time I hit 36 years. The goal is set.

I will do (at least) one more half marathon this year, whether organised or just by myself around town.

I will ride at least one 100miler before the years end.

I will complete a triathlon before my birthday next March.

I well may not get my yearly goal on the bike, but I will do these four things.




2 responses

14 09 2010

I’m glad I’m not the only one who uses the “attractive female runner” as incentive! Bad luck about the DNF, I hope the ankle heals quickly.

14 09 2010

Was minor. If I don’t get out and about this week, I will by the weekend.

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