Another biking related injury

15 09 2010

Injured again, but this time it wasn’t my fault. It was those damn Magpies again.

I went for a ride this morning and apart from getting slapped around by the wind, everything was going fine.  I was making pretty decent time and had even had the foresight to turn left at the airport instead of right into magpie territory. Going left means I ahve to go home via the highway and I figured that was safe enough. I was wrong.

I rode straight into a different magpie territory, and instead of coming home with a sore neck, I came home with a bleeding ear. The bloody bird got my ear and now it’s gushing blood. By gushing of course, I mean a few drops. But it is enough to annoy me, and to make me contemplate some form of magpie specific defence strategy. Since I don’t have access to a miniature shoulder cannon (as seen in Predator), I’m contemplating some of those awful plastic ties that people have sticking out of their helmets.

So it brings the questions: Do they work? What strategies do you use to protect yourself from swooping birds?

The ride 35.21kms in 1hr 19m 44s (26.51kph). I’d planned on going faster, and at the half way mark I was averaging 31kph, but  between the wind on the way home, the magpies and the lack of miles in the legs, I’m happy to have got home in one piece.




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15 09 2010

I have been thinking about those plastic tie things too, but haven’t done it yet. There were quite a few riders on Sunday with them. I’ve adopted the “modify route to avoid known swoop zones” recently. I’ve been swooped many times but never had blood drawn.

16 09 2010

If only there was a local version of a magpie swoop map

16 09 2010
Bunch Rider

Hi Chris, I assume it was the magpie near the outdoor centre that got you? That one has not stopped all winter it is a year round attacker. I have found that cable ties will not work on that bird, but most others seem to not hit but still swoop. I have used old compact discs with good results with the high reflective surface and different light angles it seems to confuse them. With cable ties the larger thicker ones work better than the small type.

17 09 2010

CD hanging off a tie or some string, or just stuck to the outside of the helmet? And yes, out by the outdoor centre.

18 09 2010
Bunch Rider

CD stuck to outside of helmet.

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