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17 09 2010

As I’ve always said, I do better when I have a goal. I train better, I eat better, I try better (ok, harder). So I’ve started looking at upcoming runs/rides/races to enter, and I’ve started with these three:

Wagga “Come and Try” Duathlon

26 September 2010

A local duathlon out on by the Wagga Triants. I’m opting for the “long” course – 2km run, 5km ride, 2km run, 8km ride, 2km run.

Goal time: 1 hour.

Canola Canter

10 October 2010

The 2009 Canter was the first organised ride I ever did, and the first time I ever rode 50km. It was an awful day – windy, rainy, cold, and I came home in 2hr 42min. I was chuffed at the time just to have finished and if I did the same distance this year I reckon I could get home in  90mins. I’ve invited a few first timer friends to ride with me. If they do, I’ll ride the 50km with them. If not, I’m thinking of either the 100km or 150km options. I’ve done 100km a few times before, but never 150km, and in my current state, it would be hard hard work

100km: Goal Time: 3.5hours

150km: Goal Time: 5.5 hours

Leeton Triathlon

26 March 2011

A local triathlon and something I’m keen to have a go at. Which means I have about six months to get some decent swimming training done. I hate swimming.

Not sure of the distances yet, so I can’t set a goal time.

Edit: The 2010 Leeton Triathlon was a sprint event, so 750m swim, 20km ride, 5km run. Taking into account that I haven’t started swimming yet, I think a respectable time for this would be 80 mins.Thats 12 mins for the swim (based on about 4kph average swimming speed), 40mins for the ride (@30kph) and 25 mins for the run (@ 5min/km). Hopefully I’ll be able to lower my goal time as my training progresses.

I’ve removed the MS Gong Ride and the ATBIAD 210km ride from my calendar. I just don’t have time to take a weekend off at the moment. Maybe next year.




2 responses

17 09 2010

I’m thinking about ATBIAD in 2011, maybe we can do it together?

17 09 2010

Sounds like a plan. I’m just too busy and too under-prepared at the moment. I’d also like to do the Great Ocean Road Otway Classic that you did this year. Sounded like a great ride.
And if you’re free, why don’t you come up for the Canola Canter. By all accounts the 100 and 150km rides are great.

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