Do I need a new bike fit?

22 09 2010

I’ve started getting back in tto riding lately, having come out of the winter hiatus. On the last couple of rides, I’ve been noticing an ache across the top of my back (between my shoulders) and up the sides of my neck. In fact, my neck still aches now, 6+ hours after todays ride.

I’m wondering if this is a bike fit problem? Do I need to get something adjusted, or is it more a case of needing to put up with it until I strengthen up a bit? After a hiatus, does my back needs to build up some positional (exercise specific) strength? God knows, my legs do.

For anyone out there who knows about these things, what do you think? Do I need a good dose of harden up pills?

Todays ride: 63kms in around 2hr 20mins.  Don’t have my bike computer on me, so I don’t have the exact numbers.

On the rare occassions I get a Wednesday morning off, I like to ride with a group, the BWW Coffee Grinders ride.




One response

22 09 2010

Not sure about the bike fit, hard to say from here, but if it wasn’t bothering you before, and you and the bike are the same, maybe chances are it is just a matter of getting back into it? And HTFU like you said 🙂

Seriously though, if it persists I’d be getting a medical and LBS opinion.

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