26 09 2010

I’m gearing up for my first official Duathlon, which is scheduled to start in a little under two hours.

I’m still carrying injury. My ankle isn’t 100% and gives me grief on and off throughout the day. The CT showed evidence of old injury but nothing acute, so I’ll probably get an MRI next time I have a few days off. I’ll have to hit up one of the orthopaedic surgeons at work for an opinion. Also, I’ve done something to my thigh/groin area. I was perfectly fine on Friday, but woke up yesterday and felt like I pulled something. It must be old age because I hadn’t done anything to cause it.

So today, a tester event for Bike Week: 2km run – 5km ride – 2 km run – 8 km ride – 2 km run.

Assuming 35kph average on the bike, and 11kph on foot, plus a minute average at each of the 4 transitions, I’m going for a 59minute goal time.

59minutes, although I’ll settle just to finish considering I haven’t run on my ankle since twisting it two weeks ago.

Update: So it seems advertised course of 2/5/2/8/2 was actually 2/8.6/2/8.6/2, so the new goal time is 1hr 6m 18s

First up, the ankle held up well. It didn’t really bother me during the race at all and whatever was going on in the thigh was nonexistent today.

Secondly, I can ride 130kms in a session and run 21.1km, or at least I could at some point in time (separately, not together). I’ve done a couple of bricks previously and neither of those felt as hard as today.

The first run went well, no real problems and I was content just to find a steady pace and not push too hard. As I came into the first transition I felt good, but the second I got on the bike, my legs felt like jelly. OK, maybe not jelly, but they didn’t feel strong. I checked the bike computer to find that it wasn’t cooperating and since I didn’t know what speed I was going, I had to make do by trying to pick off riders in front of me. On the first bike leg, I think I reeled in 4 riders, the last 150m from the transition stage. I definitely felt stronger as the ride went on and the legs warmed to the task at hand.

In T2, I racked my bike in the wrong spot and had to scoot it around to where my stuff was. As I was racking it correctly, the woman I had passed just before the transition racked next to me, and by the time I had my shoes on, she was ahead. I tried to stay with her, but she was definitely a stronger runner than me.

The second run hurt. I tried to push but I couldn’t. If the legs weren’t jelly after the first transition, they were now. It was on this run that I think I really started to feel the effects of a relatively sedentary winter and poor diet. By the time I came in to the transition area again, the woman I’d passed on the first bike leg was gone.

With the field so spread out now, I rode the second bike leg without seeing anyone in front or behind. The bike comp worked this time around, so I know it was 8.66km from rack to rack. The second ride seemed easier and faster than the first though. By the time I hit the transition area for the last time, I was torn between dreading the last run leg and not wanting to do it and wanting to get on with it and get it done.

Of course I ran. But not fast. By now I was back to my plodding pace and it was all about getting finished. The time was irrelevant now, I just wanted to finish.

And I did. In 1hr 11mins, 12seconds. A little slower than I would have liked but then I’m definitely heavier and more underprepared than I would like too.

I’ll post my splits as soon as my wife gets home with the car – they’re in a bag in the boot.

OK, she’s back:

Leg Time Total
Run 1 9m 06s 9m 06s
Ride 1 19m 41s 28m 47s
Run 2 10m 31s 39m 18s
Ride 2 20m 57s 60m 15s
Run 3 10m 58s 71m 13s

That puts average run speed at 10.85kph and average ride speed at 27.33kph. Slower in both than my goal, but I’ve learnt a lot.

Add to that, the 16.8km round trip to get out and back to the venue, and I’ve done 34kms on the bike and 6km by foot. Not too shabby for a quiet Sunday morning after a past Midnight finish last night.




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26 09 2010

Good luck, I hope the injuries hold up!

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