The 3rd Discipline

20 10 2010

In my quest to become a fully fledged amateur triathlete, I’ve been slowly building up my fitness levels, first on the bike, and then on the feet. Until now, I’ve systematically avoided the third discipline – swimming.

Today I went for my first lap session in a very long time. In fact, the last time I can actually recall doing anything that vaguely resembled a lap (or laps) of a pool was when I was in Year 12 at High School. That was 1992, or if you prefer, last century. Bugger last century, it was last millenium. Whatever it was, it feels like a lifetime ago. Back then, I was overweight and lazy, easily the biggest kid in my year and the sight of my gut and manboobs sticking out and over my regulation speedos was both confronting and disturbing. These days, I’m still overweight, but not lazy, and the gut and manboobs are disappearing (hopefully forever).

Anyway, the swim went well, in so far as I’m still alive. It didn’t go well in just about every other way. I ache, I was slow, I struggled. I only did ten laps. I could have done more, but I was conscious of not overdoing it. Of those ten laps, I didn’t complete more than two without stopping. Didn’t or couldn’t – take your pick. Lap time for the 25m was about 30s average which clocks in at around 3kmh (bang on the lower end of average swimming speed).

So, as I did with my running and my cycling, I’ve set myself some goals, based on my first session.

Goal 1:  To swim 10 laps non stop (or 5 laps of the 50m pool)

Goal 2: To swim non stop for 15minutes

Goal 3: To achieve at least one of the goals before the end of November

I’ve bought a 20 pack of passes to the local pool. I’d like to get through those before Christmas, and hopefully by then, I’ll have achieved my first round of goals.

I’m going to run to work this afternoon. First run in over a month. Here’s hoping the ankle holds up ok.






One response

20 10 2010

I haven’t swum for a while due to my eczema and am really missing it. I’m pretty slow too, about 25 secs for 25m.

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