24 10 2010

Sundays are fast becoming my favourite day of the week. Not only because I either get a day off or time and ¾ at work, but because I almost always get to go for a ride.


The Sunday ride with BWW is always enjoyable. The first 20-30 mins or so is always the same – a nice easy paced social ride. The second 30mins is usually when the breakaways begin, and someone goes out front. Today it was me, and the stronger riders caught me of course, but I enjoyed pushing myself. At the hour mark we stop and turn around, and invariably sprint home. Today was no different.

A group of four at the halfway stage sprinted home. At times we hit 45kph on the flats (more on the downhills of course). Having been the first to break away, and not being as strong as the others in the lead pack, I slowly dropped off the back. At that pace, once you give up a few metres into the wind it just eats away at you. But I pushed hard and stayed as close as I could, coming home about a minute or so behind the lead group.

The ride always ends at a local coffee shop for a latte and another chat, and I love it. I never say much (I’m not a chatty person by nature) but I thoroughly enjoy the occasion.

In the end (including home and back), today covered 57.47kms at 29.56kph. That’s almost 60@30 which is awesome (for me anyway).

I’ve come home with a smile. A good, enjoyable, hard ride. Tomorrow and run and a swim.




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24 10 2010

That is a good ride! I haven’t done a 30km average speed ride for ages.

24 10 2010
Bunch Rider

HI Chris,

Glad you had a great ride, keep up the great progress.

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