A good day

26 10 2010

Today was a good day.

Not only did I not have to go to work, but I went out for the 6am ride this morning with the fast group and went for a swim this afternoon as well.

The ride was a funny one. It was easily the largest group I’ve seen on a Tuesday morning, and it felt a little slower. It possibly wasn’t but I just didn’t feel like they went out hard this morning. Perhaps that’s why I stayed with them for the entire ride. Sure I dropped off a little at the first hill but I was in the middle of the pack at the top of the second (bigger) hill and stuck with them all the way until the end. I heard one of the other riders say he thought it was a “cracking pace this morning”, so I guess they went out as normal.

The loop: 27.98kms in 48m37s (thats 34.5kph). For the whole ride: 42.52kms in 1hr22m

This afternoon, a swim. Still very uncoordinated, swallowing water, crappy stroke, weak legs, zero endurance. 10 laps of the 50m pool with a stop at the end of every lap. Still thats 500m, which is double what I felt I could manage last week.




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29 10 2010

I have a Garmin Forerunner 405 watch which I’ve had for a couple of years. I’ve used it for both running and cycling. Over the two years though, the battery life has reduced on a charge from the advertised 8 hours, down to about 4. For a run this isn’t a problem, but for a long ride it isn’t long enough. So I bought the bike Garmin Edge 500, battery life 18 hours. 405 cost me about $399, the Edge cost me $299. For the Edge you can get cadence unit too, but that’s extra.

30 10 2010

Thanks for the info. I really wanted to get the Forerunner with foot pod and cadence meter, but it’s just so expensive, and as you say, battery life is ordinary. So I’ve opted for the Edge 500, with cadence meter, HRM strap and garmin jersey for $318. Happy with that.

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