2 11 2010

I love a gimmick. I love a goal.

And, I love a goal with a gimmick.

Now November is usually magically transformed into Movember, as the men of the world embrace the opportunity to be a hairy lot for a while. For me, I can look scruffy without getting harassed by everyone, and do something good for charity that doesn’t require me to ride 5+ hours over hills.

So as well as doing Movember, I’m using this as a month to get my diet and weight loss back on track. So, to aid in my third attempt to go without, I’ve come up with a clever name. Something that identifies the month as well as my goal of having nothing bad.

Drum roll please: this month is now NO-vember (see what I did there?).

The rules of NOvember.

1. Take it one day at a time. 30 times.

2. No junk food. No added sugar. No second helpings.

3. No more than two consecutive days without either a run, a ride or a swim.

4. No shaving (of course).

Yesterday was a success. Now for today.




2 responses

2 11 2010
Bunch Rider

Well done Chris, Movember is a good cause, did you find transport to the Alpine Classic and have you entered?

10 11 2010

Hi Chris,

I have just stumbled across your blog and think it’s awesome. Almost motivating. I say ‘almost’ because it has got me thinking, rather than doing! I started the year with aims of cycling, swimming and running and completed my first (and possibly only) triathlon. Since then, the running stopped and the swimming dried up. I cycle, I cycle a lot and that seems to be the winner with me. But after reading your blog, I’m thinking ‘hmmm, should I just run a little and add a swim here and there’. I don’t know. Excuse my waffle, great blog, keep it up!

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