Hard Run

15 11 2010

I’m in no doubt that I’ve lost some running fitness over the last couple of months. Time off with a sore ankle did me absolutely no favours. But I’m trying hard to get back into it.

My most frequent run is the run to work. It clocks in at about 5.8kms and my PB is 28m19s. Today, having had a few days since my last run (thanks to a dismal, wet weekend), I went out with a goal of setting a new PB. I wanted to finish in under 25mins. So I went out hard.

And failed. But I was almost three minutes ahead when I ran out of steam at the 18minutes mark. Of course, a harder than normal start played havoc with the end and eventually I came home in 33m.

A slightly different course home, and a similar time. It was hotter, I was more tired, but I didn’t have to stop (except for intersections).

In all, I’m happy with todays result. All up, nearly twelve kms. I’ll do a longer run this week. I’d like to be back up to 15km runs by the end of the year – with a bit of luck, I’ll get another HM done before new years.

Tomorrow, the 6am Gregadoo loop with the “A” group. By all accounts, last Tuesday was super fast and most of the fast group got dropped. Kinda glad I missed it, but I’ll face up tomorrow.




One response

16 11 2010

I’m glad I’m not the only one who is fading at the end of runs recently.

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