Season Best

21 11 2010

I’ve just returned from my longest ride of the season. A biking buddy (friend, associate – I wonder what the correct term is?) invited me out to do a “muscular endurance” ride. To me, that just means a long, hard ride. I pretty much accepted the invitation straight away.

Had I thought about it, I would have said no. I had a BBQ at my place last night and really could have used a sleep in. It seems Pete had the exact same situation going, but we’d both committed to it, and so off we went.

Pete is a much stronger rider than me, has a truckload more experience and is maybe 20kgs lighter, so I was always going to be working hard to keep up. The route (of his choosing) was Wagga-Junee via Wantabadgery and then straight back  to WW. Here’s the map

Considering I’ve been lacking on hills lately, I actually think I did alright. While I was faster up most of the hills than Pete, it had nothing to do with my awesomeness and everything to do with his dedication to his training plan. He was doing a 10min 80rpm/10min easy rotation and so his speed up the hills was often slower than he could have done. I have no doubt that I would have been left for dust if he’d wanted to.

But he didn’t. I scooted ahead every now and then, but never too far and either slowed and waited, or got caught, but for the most part we rode together. The last 20kms into Junee is one long climb and we did well to average 26.8kph during that time. It would have been every so slightly hire, but I got distracted by a passing car and ran off the road onto some gravel. While I stayed upright and recovered quite well, I did drop some stuff so we lost speed and time while I picked up my goodies. Let me be clear – the car didn’t run me off the road, I was too busy looking at the car to watch where I was going, so it was entirely my fault.

From the top of the hill right before Junee, it is mostly downhill back to Wagga (mostly). Over this 31km stretch, we averaged a little over 32.5kph. After that, we slowed – deliberately. The last 10-15kms was rest time.

Here are the final stats:

120kms in 4hr 25. Easily the best ride of the season, and definitely my longest.

If the course had been a little flatter, I reckon we would have covered the first hundred in 3hr 30, rather than the 3h 40m we did. Still a little of my goal of a century in 3h20, but getting closer.

So thanks to Pete for a great ride. For now, I’m off to have a nanna nap.




2 responses

21 11 2010

Good job!

28 11 2010

“Under 5.5 hours” – in answer to your question on my blog.

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