9 12 2010

Wagga is flooded, or at least the low-lying parts of Wagga are. I’m relatively safe where I am, but more and more of my work friends are getting into trouble.

For those of you who don’t know Wagga, it has five main access routes. Three are now closed due to flooding. The river burst its banks a few days ago and another downpour last night. North Wagga has been evacuated, as have a couple of streets in town.

Without making light of the seriousness of the situation for many people, my favourite bike routes are under water. It poured all night and is still drizzlling now, so my early morning Thursday ride was out, and the good lady wife won’t let me ride or run to work in the rain (not that I really want to anyway). Worst of all, is none of the roads between home and work are closed, so I have no excuse not to go 😦





One response

9 12 2010

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about you as I watched the news, hoping you were ok. It is ridiculous isn’t it, in drought for so long, now floods!

I also was thinking about you as I read the latest Ride magazine, with the feature on the Wagga riding groups. Are you in any of the pictures?

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