A quick review – 2010

1 01 2011

2010 was not what I thought it would be. As always happens, life gets in the way.

At the beginning of the year I had big plans for my fitness – ride 5200kms, get down to 80kgs etc etc etc. I actually achieved most of the smaller goals, whilst falling short of the major ones.

2010 Major Goals

1. Eat healthier. Definitely a success. The majority of the crap that I eat is gone from my diet. Not all, but most. Still have some work to do in 2011, mostly around portion sizes and snacking at work.

2. Ride, ride, ride to a goal of 5200kms. The year started off so well, and then winter kicked in. It became cold and foggy and generally miserable, so I replaced an hour or two on the bike with a run instead. On the upside, I got my running up from 1.25kms to my first HM. On the downside, I never really got back into the rhthym on the bike. Poo.  At the end of the year I ended up around 4500kms – significantly short of my 5200km goal.

3. Additional goals for 2010 include:

  • Goal weight 80kgs (176lbs)
  • Complete 50km in under 2 hours (31.25mi) Achieved 19 Jan 2010.
  • Complete 100km in under 4 hours (62.5mi) Achieved 29 Dec 2009.
  • Complete 250km ride (156.25mi). Not attempted
  • Achieve Nouveau Randonneur Award from Audax Australia. Not attempted.
  • 3 x 30@30. That’s 3 rides of 30kms at an average of at least 30km/hr. Thanks to ajh for the idea. Completed (numerous times over)
  • Ride 5 consecutive days @ min 30kms a day. Achieved 20 Mar 2010.

4. Attempt (and hopefully complete) 100 pushups, 200 situps and 25 pullups programs. Dismal FAIL. Infact, the magnitude of failure was equalled only be the total lack of effort I out into this goal.

5. Run 5kms, without dying or complaining about my ankles or knees. Achieved 30 Mar 2010. Infact, not only did I achieve this goal much earlier than expected, I extended it a couple of times and completed my first HM in 2010.




2 responses

25 01 2011

Some nice accomplishments there, no shame in missing a fe goals, and 4500 km is a fair bit considering all the running you did.

So have you begun your virtual TdF yet?

29 01 2011

Well thats how I look at it too. I basically ran through winter with little to no time on the bike. Had I ridden I’d have smashed the mileage goal.

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