27 01 2011

My regular Thursday morning ride with the “fast” group has changed a bit lately. Instead of doing a loop towards the airport, they’ve switched to an out and back format. The new course now lends itself to my taking a different track home and thus my 40km ride has become a 50km ride.

On what was the normal ride, I’ve previously managed to eek out a 40@30, that’s 40km at an average at 30kph or more (25miles at 18.75mph). Today however was something new for me – a 50@30.

At first, I wasn’t even going for it. I’d dropped off the pack on the way back just before the little hill and was struggling to re-find a rhythm. As always happens though, the long, slow downhill gave me time to get my cadence back up and I slowly began to catch the back markers.

By the time I diverted towards home, I realised I’d done a 40@30. I decided to try for the 50, not giving myself much chance. I kept pushing, working hard and the result came. My first 50km ride at an average speed of 30kph or more.

Without really expecting it, one of my 2011 goals was achieved inside of the first month. Stoked.

Rough splits (times include stationary time at group start)





19.96 19:29
30.04 19:37
40.02 16:34
50.12 20:20

Total: 50.12km in 1:36:26 at 31.2kph.

Guess now I have to push for a 60@30 by years end!




3 responses

27 01 2011

You’re a machine!

28 01 2011

I’m absolutely stoked with the time but I got dropped on this ride. I lost momentum before the return “hill” and it took me a while to pick it up again. If I’d stayed with the pack I would have been maybe 5 minutes faster?

Still a good result considering I nearly didn’t get out of bed, and even better on only 5 hours sleep.

6 02 2011

NIce ride. Nice Blog.

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