Deadly Treadly

30 01 2011

A couple of weeks ago, my wife made mention of a treadmill. Seems she thinks that if I don’t get to run or ride on a super hot or super cold day that I’ll get cranky, so she’s been encouraging me to get one. I think she would secretly like to do some walking on it too.

Of course, I’d rather be outside, on the pavement, but an hour on the treadmill is better than no time on the roads.

Whatever the reason, today I bought one. It’s a Healthstream Evo 526T, and I got it on sale at Rebel Sport.


Now I have no excuses when it’s hot, cold, rainy or anything else. If I can’t ride or get outside, I’ll run.




3 responses

30 01 2011

Yeah, spend plenty of time on the tready, that might help me stay ahead of you in our vTdF.

30 01 2011

Will do, but I still plan on finishing stage 4 on tuesday morning

1 02 2011

err..stage 3

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