A new goal

3 02 2011

In my 2011 goals, tucked away at number 4 is “Attempt a Marathon in 2011”.

Almost exactly a month later, I recieved an email about the 2011 St George Melbourne Marathon. The date: October 9.

So I’m setting a goal – to run the 2011 Melbourne Marathon.

It will be after both the C2S and the Wagga HM, so I should have some serious miles up beforehand.

Addendum: I’m actually considering the possibility of making this a backup. I’ve since realised that the Sydney Marathon is 3 weeks earlier (18 Sept), and it’s in my (former)hometown and I can get free accomodation. I figure if I can’t do a full marathon by mid September, I probably won’t be able to do one by early October.




3 responses

3 02 2011

See you there, but I’ll probably be doing a lesser distance.

6 02 2011

I have this listed as plan B if the wheels fall off between now and the GCM

7 02 2011

Plan B? See above!

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