More of the same

9 02 2011

As my week off the bike continues so does my week of running.

Two runs again today – to and from work. On the way, a longer loop – 11.4km in just over an hour. Not earth shattering speed (I’ll never be accused of that), but rather a steady pace of 10.9kph. Coming home, a much more direct route at a much more sedate pace – 5.6kms in 36min (a lumbering 9kph). The return run was more about getting back than getting back fast.

There’s a couple of reasons for that – I was still a little tired from the morning run and also a little tired from a busy shift at work.

So today, 17kms in about 1hr 40min. My current running goals are a HM in under 2 hours and a full marathon in under 4. This puts my minimum average speed at 10.55kph, and I’m on track with that.

A day off tomorrow to rest the legs. I’ll run again on Friday. I’d also like to do a straight 15km by the end of next week. and if I can manage that, I might try for a 20km not too long after that.

Also today, I had some blood tests. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Not because I’m unwell but because I’ve been meaning to get a baseline since I’m pretty healthy right now. Sure I still have some weight to drop, but for all intents and purposes I’m as healthy as an ox.

I’ll post my results tomorrow.




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