Health Check

12 02 2011

A couple of days ago I booked myself in for a basic health check, and I guess a basic health check is what I got.

I was expecting something a bit more comprehensive than three questions, a blood pressure test and a request for blood tests. I guess the look of disdain on the doctors face when I told him what I was there for said it all. He should have just held up a sign that said “Why are you wasting me time with this? I’ve got sick people to see!”

But no. He asked me two questions – ‘do I smoke?’ and ‘how often do I drink?’ – and then looked incredulous at the reply. I guess it isn’t normal for a 35yr old white Australian male to not drink much. It’s not a health kick thing, it’s just a me thing. I’m not  a big drinker. Sure I used to drink like a fish at uni, but then doesn’t just about everyone? For me, the day I left uni, I stopped. I didn’t even think about it, it just happened. I know a few people doing FebFast, but for me it isn’t an issue. I have six beers in my fridge that will probably last me until Christmas.

Anyway, the doc noted my replies, tested my blood pressure (normal), and then gave me a request for some blood tests. The results (in a nutshell): Liver normal, Kidneys normal, Blood Sugar normal, Cholesterol low. In a nutshell, I’m healthy – my diabetes risk is in the lowest category, having scored 5 points, which is the lowest it will ever be (2 points for my age, 3 for being male). That puts me in the low risk or 1% chance of Type 2 diabetes category.

So all in all, a great result. I would have liked the doctor to have include tests for High- (good) and Low- (bad) density lipids, but he didn’t (and yes, I did ask!)

Most recent exercise – 11.4km run to work yesterday morning. A slow run to work. 5am in the morning and I wasn’t feeling it. My stride was short (shorter than normal) and my speed was low. I only stopped at intersections, but I just could get into the groove. Still 11km is better than sleeping in and drinving to work. I didn’t run home after work, because it was pouring, and even though I had a rain coat, I just wasn’t in the mood to run in the wet.

Nothing this morning, I definitely needed the extra hour in bed. If the girls are asleep when I get home, I’ll do something this afternoon.




2 responses

12 02 2011

Good results! Did he do a PSA test (prostate) that is another one we should all have regularly.

19 02 2011

I’m not that old. Yet.

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