Solo Ride

15 02 2011

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about completing my first ever 50@30. I hadn’t planned on it when I started the group ride, but I did push for it at the end when I realised it was a possibility.

Now it’s no secret that the peleton goes faster than the solo rider. So whenever I get a good time riding with a group, I start wondering if I’ll be able to match it on my own. So today I set about finding out.

Today the answer is no, with a but. The wind was up today and I had a head or cross wind for most of the ride. So the answer is No, but I can.

So today, 51.24km in 1hr 44min – that’s a 29.4kph average speed. At around the 30km mark, I had my average speed upto 29.7, but it never got any higher than that. The course was mostly similar to the last, more of a loop than an out and back, but not significantly harder.

Also during the ride today, I completed Stage 3 of the vTdF, and with some decent weather, I’ll have stage 4 done by the end of the week.




One response

15 02 2011

That is some awesome riding, I haven’t been getting anywhere close to those speeds recently.

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