18 02 2011

I did it. My first solo 50@30.

My first 50@30 was with a group for 30kms or so, and they definitely dragged me along as groups tend to do. So I set myself a goal of trying to repeat it on a solo ride. To be honest, I doubted that I’d have success for a while. But I was wrong. Today, on only my second attempt, I achieved my goal by the slimmest of margins.

I’ve posted the 10km splits below. I started off well, closing out the first 10km with 9 seconds to spare (mean split time needed to be 20mins or less). I could have gone faster, but I was conscious of not emptying the tank too soon. The second 10 was definitely going to be the hardest split. It’s uphill for almost the entire length and is almost always into a fair headwind. Today was no different. On the group ride, this is the section where they really pull you along. On a group ride, we average at least 28kph. Today, without the benefits of the peleton, I managed 25.6kph

I wasn’t overly worried though. The third section of the course, despite having a sharp uphill at the beginning has a long downhill and it’s easy to make up time. And so I did. I didn’t quite get my average back up to 30kph in the 3rd section, but I was just under. It was early in the penultimate stage that I reached the magic number, before dropping back again. I held my overall average speed at 30kph for about two minutes before consciously easing back. I felt the need to rest a little and I knew that this was the best part of the course to do that. I still did a fast split (see below), the second fastest of the course, but those few kms off the throttle really helped.

The last ten kms have another climb. It’s not a particularly hard or long, but it felt like both. I pushed hard upto and after the climb, and eased right back during. I actually lost some time on this leg as a result of having to slow down at a roundabout. Had there not been any cars, I believe I could have saved a good 10 seconds. By the time I pointed to home, I had my average bang on 30, with just one uphill to go. Not wanting to drop below again, I pushed up the hill as fast as I could. I swear I went up at 35kph+. By the time I rolled into my driveway, I was beaming. Dripping sweat, almost out of water, but beaming.

0:19:51 19m 51s 10 30.2
2 0:23:25 23m 25s 10 25.6
3 0:17:54 17m 54s 10 33.5
4 0:19:09 19m 09s 10 31.3
5 0:19:34 19m 34s 10 30.6
6 0:02:29 2m 29s 1.23 29.6
    1h42m22s 51.23km 30.13

I’m really very very happy. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I first heard about a 30@30 over at Andrew’s Blog. At the time, it seemed like an absolute pipe dream. My first 30@30 (which nearly killed me) was completed in March last year and now, a 30@30 seems do-able just about everytime I go out (course permitting). I’m going to keep pushing and try and get faster and stronger. Just not now. Now, I need a rest.

Map and proof to follow.




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19 02 2011

Superb effort my man, no way I could do that at the moment!

19 02 2011


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