22 02 2011

or more precisely, two rides and a run.

Being Tuesday, and having a) not been on call last night and b) having the day off today,  I finally made it out again for the Tuesday morning ride. I cannot remember the last time I made it out on a Tuesday morning.

I was a bit wary, because by all reports, Tuesday has become the “fast ride”. They set a decent pace on Thursdays but Tuesdays are apparently faster. Anyway, today I was up and at the meeting point a tad before 6am, and expecting things to be a bit pacey I conciously positioned myself towards the back of the pack so that if I dropped off I wouldn’t get in the way too much.

I needn’t have worried, I stayed with the pack until the hill, and most of the way up it. Normally I get dropped on the hill about half way up, today it was more like ¾. I pushed to catch up before the second hill, where I got dropped again.

I never quite caught up to the pack and I suffered for it. I simply couldn’t match the pace of the peleton despite  average over 36kph. In fact apart from catching a few stragglers, the main bunch were too strong. The gap between us seemed to increase exponentially along the back straight.

Still, the ride went well. 42.74km in 1hr24min (30.4kph). Keen on getting home as early as possible, I chose not to loop around the back and extend it out to 50kms.

A couple of hours later, I went for a short run around the block, the “home loop”. It usually comes in at about 6kms but I chose to go straight up the hill rather than around it and so I came in at 5.65km at  just under 5:30/km pace. I blogged previously about my desire to always maintain a sub 2hr HM pace (5:41/km), so I’m happy with the run, especially since I’d already had a 40km ride under my belt.

And then this afternoon, I needed to pop out to the uni, and again being pushed for time, I took a direct route and covered the 22.6kms in just over 44mins (30.7kph)

Poker night with the boys tonight, so if I haven’t burnt off any fat today, at least tomorrow my wallet will be $20 lighter.




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