A new plan

6 03 2011

I’ve been working on a new plan to have an awesome month on the bike.

Fuelled by my self-loathing about not having done any swimming this year and having castrated my first triathlon goal, I’ve decided to try and have a big month on the bike. Or what’s left of it. I have done much for this first week, as work and family duties have taken priority.

So I’m planning on doing the BWW Hills Ride on the weekend that I should have been doing my first tri.

All up, I’m looking at around 700km on the bike for the rest of the month (starting Tuesday).

There are two catches though. The first is that I need to ride a loop home after work everday this week (except Monday). The second is that to do Day 1 of the Hills Ride, I’ll need the missus to come pick me up afterwards and I’m not sure she’ll be too keen on that.

Fingers crossed it pans out the way I’ve have it planned in my head.

edit: Not going to work. My wife has just pointed out that she’s already got plans on the Saturday of the Hills Ride, so I’ll be home with the munchkins. Will have to work out a new plan now.  I suppose I could do a couple of century rides during the week? Now there’s an idea…




3 responses

6 03 2011

Where you up to on your vTdF? Keeping quiet, then just gonna tell me when you’re finished and I’ve still got 10 stages to go?

6 03 2011

I’m at 845kms, so well into stage 5. I’m hoping to be finished stage 8 by the end of March.

7 03 2011

Hi Chris,

Just stumbled across your blog from The Climbing Cyclist. I’ve back-read quite a few of your posts and it’s nice to see someone else documenting the highs and lows of the “training lifestyle” (if you will), and so I just added your RSS feed to my Google Reader account.

At the moment I’m training for 24 hour Solo MTB racing (early days) and it’s pretty motivating for me to read how other people are traveling with their goals! It makes you feel a little more human, if nothing else…

I’ve been blogging away and also getting involved with the cycling/mountain biking community on Twitter. If you’re into twitter, you’ll catch me on @scootabug_au.

Anyway, just wanted to say G’day! Keep up the good work…


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