Stage 5

12 03 2011

With today’s ride I completed Stage 5 of the vTdF, and also clocked up 1000kms for the year.

I went out early this morning, about 1hr before  the 730am ride. I had intended to head out a little earlier and give myself time to do two loops of Gregadoo but when it came down to the crunch and the alarm went of at 5.15, I piked and reset for another 20 mins. By the time I made it out the door, I’d faffed around for another 40mins.

Still I got out, and ended up clocking up 68.5kms in two and a half hours. I was conscious of taking it easy for most of the ride as I want to be fresh for the 105km Amy’s Ride Canberra on Monday. I had a DNF last year as my riding partner suffered a series of flats and pulled out through frustration. Being my ride home, I went with him. This year, I’m riding alone and will finish. The course isn’t super challenging and I have no doubt I’ll finish.

My plan to complete Stage 8 of the vTdF by months end is also progressing well. I’ll be well over half way through Stage 6 by Monday Lunchtime, and if I can drag myself to the local organised rides on Tues, Wed and Thurs mornings next week, I should be well into stage 7 by the weekend.




One response

13 03 2011

I’m a couple of stages ahead, but it looks like you’re destined to catch up a bit this week! Good luck with Amy’s Ride, hope it is as pleasant a ride as the Geelong one always is.

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