Couch to 5k – Week 3

14 03 2011

A weekly series by guest poster Dr G, as she prepares for her first ever 10k fun run.

Couch to 5K is a 9 week beginner’s running plan, designed for people who are just taking up running.

Couch to 5k – Week 3: Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then do two repetitions of the following:  Jog 90 seconds
– Walk 90 seconds
– Jog 3 minutes
– Walk 3 minutes
Five minute cooldown walk.

Delayed entry this week. As forecast, it was a bit difficult to fit things in every second day.

I was due to start week 3 on Sunday, but was rostered to work til midnight. So, at 11am, with the best of intentions, I set off for day 1. The entreaty, when in came, to ‘run’, just didn’t move me. I took the shortcut home with promises to run after work.

So, I got home from work about 1am Monday morning and, after eating dinner and charging my iphone, did a funny little stellate (ed. that’s star shaped to non nerds) path around my house – I’d go 400m in one direction, then back, then another direction, then back. All on well-lit roads, after Chris pointed out the folly of running on the road in the dark (if nothing else, being hit by a car would mean a trip to my emergency department, in – gasp – running attire! The horror…).

It wasn’t a great run – terrible ITB tightness and associated patellar pain meant it was more of an antalgic shuffly-hobble – but I was determined if not to improve my fitness this particular week, then at least to arrest any backward slide. (ed. that sore knees to non nerds or Drs)

Tuesday evening I did a day trip to Canberra for a funeral; on the upside this meant a day off work and an earlier run (on the downside, I had no salt left to sweat out as it’d all been tears earlier in the day…). I’d been to the physio on Monday morning, so the knee was less of an issue, but still sore.

Thursday (Happy Birthday, Chris! – a chocolate frog says that’s edited out) (ed. You owe me a frog, and not one of the pissy small ones either!) I was flying to Brisbane, and rather than attempt to run in an unfamiliar, humid and hot town, I managed to squeeze in a daylight day 3 before I left. Nearly bloody killed me. Spent the day feeling like I was starving to death (until I remedied that by eating a Mars Bar when I got to Brisbane). Unfortunately, I didn’t save my extraordinarily geeky spreadsheet from last week – so results in a nutshell: this week’s attempts were 1.7 miles/1.8mi/1.8mi. In week 2, I was up to 2 miles.

I decided to delay my next attempt – which by rights should have been week 4 day 1 – until today, giving myself two days off between and hoping that would heal my knees. I walked 4km on Saturday and did a karate class, instead.

So, given injuries, disrupted patterns, and generalised slowness (and because week 4 looks extraordinarily daunting), today I did week 3 day 1 again. I got up to 1.9 miles, but didn’t quite finish the last run – the increase in speed means that the last 30 metres of running now align perfectly with a big hill! More evidence that I need a few more attempts at week three.

The plan: Tues/Thurs/Sat week 3; once I’m up to 2 miles again I’ll give week 4 a go. Things are getting better, though. I’m feeling far more fit already, and starting to believe perhaps September isn’t *quite* so unrealistic a goal after all! Only time will tell…

ed. Congratulations Dr G. and before anyone asks, 36.




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14 03 2011

Happy Birthday mate! Oh, to be 36 again, sigh ….

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