23 03 2011

It’s been two days since I got the bike back from the LBS and I’ve been itching to get out. I was very tempted to go out Tuesday morning with the fast group but opted instead to take a rare opportunity for a full nights sleep. I knew this meant that I was unlikely to get out again before Thursday morning, but I was prepared to live with that.

However, this morning I rolled into work at nine to find we had a full complement of staff and little to no work thanks to a late change by the surgeons. So, I opted to take a days leave, and less than half an hour after getting to work, I was home again. Suddenly my day was free, and I struck a deal with the Mrs. I’ll do the day shift with the girls, and she can do the afternoon.

As always happens, I set off a little late, before turning around ten seconds down the round and coming back to get my bottles. Off again and I headed out to do what is fast becoming my favourite 50km loop.  With the Garmin set to 10km laps, I decided to aim for another 50@30 – so 20min laps. As usual, the first lap came in under time, and I pushed hard at the beginning of the second. I knew if I could have a decent speed up at the right hand turn onto Gregadoo, I’d have a good chance of keeping it up. If I dawdled up the hill and through the turn, the inevitable wind would hit me like a tonne of bricks and I’d be fighting all the way.

So I hit the turn at 30kph and kept going. I might have had the wind in my face, but I also had the (proverbial) wind in my sails.  My best solo time for the second 10km was about 23 minutes and I was determined to give that a shake. And shake it I did, despite feeling the pinch on the hill, I crested at a little under 39 minutes, meaning I’d covered the second 10km in a tad over 20mins. Feeling awesome, I cruised down the hill while I took on some fluids and contemplated my route. Should I turn left and finished the loop as normal or turn left and extend it somewhere? Should I go straight and make it an out an back? As I saw the left turn, I decided. I’d keep going. I was going to do a reverse loop of one of the toughest rides I’d ever done. The last time I did this loop I nearly died (ok, maybe not – but I felt like it). Today was cool, overcast and the wind was nowhere near as strong. I had the time, I had the legs and I had a score to settle. It was about 40km home this way, so I could have a crack at a 60@30

The third ten km is a gentle downhill at -1 to -2% grade. Despite the wind, I averaged nearly 39kph and made some serious time. I needed it. I was worried about the last half of the course. I couldn’t remember how many hills lay along the highway on the way home, and I wanted to have a time buffer when I hit them.

The stretch towards the highway was slighty undulating all the way. The wind persisted but I travelled well. By the time I reached the Highway, I had definitely slowed down. I was feeling pretty good considering I’d been riding into the wind for most of the way.

Well on track, I backed off a little on the climb up to Forest Hill. It was a fairly gentle slope and I could’ve attacked at, but I didn’t see the need. I had time up my sleeve, so why push it and risk overdoing it? From here to home it was pretty steady. By the time I started hitting traffic lights, I realised that I was going to go far enough over 60kms that a 70@30km was on the cards. Pending an accident or a bonk, the 60@30 was going to fall, so I decided I’d never have a better chance for a 70.

Taking a slightly longer loop home from town, and adding a bit extra on to be sure, I made it home after 73.3kms.

In the end: 73.29kms on 2h23m39s (30.6kph av).

So, double success! I hit the 60km mark at 1h55m16s.

Lap Time km Lap Speed Av Speed
1 0:18:30 10 32.4 32.40
2 0:20:18 10 29.6 31.00
3 0:15:31 10 38.6 33.53
4 0:19:28 10 30.8 32.85
5 0:20:16 10 29.5 32.18
6 0:21:07 10 28.3 31.53
7 0:20:50 10 28.8 31.14
8 0:07:31 3.29 26.1 30.6
Summary 2:23:31 73.29 30.6




5 responses

23 03 2011

Next time I offer to come for a ride with you, please remind me that I won’t be able to keep up !

23 03 2011

It’s ok, I’ll take it easy on you, old timer!

24 03 2011

Nice write up Chris, and heck of a good ride!

I tried a 50@30 the other day myself. It’s a real challenge when you’re doing it alone, as you said, the wind itself is enough to smash you let alone almost 400m of climbing. I ended up with 48.34km @ 30.3km/h, before backing it off a km or so from home. I’m not sure I would have pushed out to 70km like you did!

I was looking at your calories though, you did 5,769 C in 2:24 and I did 1,637 C in 1:40? http://connect.garmin.com/activity/74281992 Any ideas why yours is so much higher?


24 03 2011

I think that unless a HRM is attached, Garmin calculates calories based on speed and weight. It’s really only an estimate because if you are coasting downhill at 50kph and sprinting uphill at 50kph, it’ll give you the same calorie calculation.

I could be wrong of course.

So, have you entered your weight in correctly? Have I? Did you have your heart strap attached (I didn’t).

18 04 2011

Good point. My weight is very close to accurate (my weight tends to fluctuate ±1kg) and I always wear my heart rate strap.

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