Sunday Stage

27 03 2011

An early morning ride today. My plan when I got up this morning was to go out with the road racers on their 630am ride, which is usually around 60kms in 2 hours. After that I was going to back off a fair bit and tack on a loop around Gregadoo and come home around 1030am with a century. Things didn’t quite work out that way:

I arrived at the scheduled meeting place to discover no racers on the ride (they had a training session elsewhere), a few first timers (on this ride, myself included) and a whole lot of indecision. So, instead of a fast 60km we ended up with a relaxed 68km in a little under 3 hours. By the time we had done that, I was no longer in the mood to go around Gregadoo, so I just went home. Disappointed, but I met some nice people on the ride and had a good chat, so it wasn’t all bad.

Also on the ride this morning, we rode Gelston Hill, which is about the longest hill around. I’ve been meaning to get out and do it for a while now, but I always end up somewhere else. Didn’t mind it, definitely good for some hill repeats.

Todays ride also saw the completion of stage 6 of the vTdF. It looks unlikely now that I will complete stage 8 by the months end (as per my current plan), but I should at least be well into it, if I can get out each of the next four mornings.

Off to mow the lawn.




6 responses

27 03 2011

Sometimes having some good company on a ride can be much more fun than achieving the distance or time you wanted, this was certainly true for me yesterday, so don’t sweat it!

28 03 2011

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good chat on a ride, but sometimes it’s not what I’m after.

27 03 2011
Solo Rider

Hi Chris, Did you go out Sunday morning to meet the “Racers”, if so Winter road racing started this morning. Will be a race every Sunday morning from 8am.

27 03 2011

Yep, went looking for them. Ended up riding with a few of them out to Quinty but it was obviously sedate. We all got invited to race with them, but we all turned it down. I’m not even close to be able to race.

Do they still do the Saturday morning ride?

27 03 2011
Solo Rider

Yes, leaves from behind Kidson’s Cycles at 6.30am.

28 03 2011

I’ll be there.

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