Early morning Century

5 04 2011

An early start this morning to be out with the fast group at 6am. As is the norm, they dropped me on the hills and I never caught them again. The difference between today and other Tuesdays is that I’d planned to ride on past the end of the loop and clock up my first century in a month.

I’d planned to go out on a similar path to the ride last Saturday but decided at the last minute to head out towards Ladysmith instead. I was only carrying one spare tube and felt that Ladysmith is ever so slightly less remote than Harefield. Plus, I’ve had a handful of flats out Harefield way, so I felt the change in course was for the best.

The ride went well. A little wind, nothing too harsh and not too much traffic out. In fact, once I turned off the highway, I probably only saw a dozen or so cars until I reached the outskirts of Wagga again. In short, perfect riding conditions.

Having set a fairly decent pace early on, I really began to feel it by about 70kms. I managed to maintain my 10km splits within a minute of my 20min goal. The fastest split – 16m41s along the back of the Gregadoo Loop, but then it always is. The slowest – 20m52s (50km-60km) from the highway towards (and past) Ladysmith, on the longest sustained incline of the ride. I wouldn’t call it a climb, just slightly uphill all the way. In short, the ride went pretty much exactly as I’d planned.

Even better, it went as I’d hoped. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m trying to build up my speed and strength. I’ve been actively pursuing a minimum average speed of 30km/hr in some of my rides (I’ve previously blogged about my desire to complete a (metric) century in under 3hrs 20m) and today, I did it. The @30 ride doesn’t count, because it wasn’t solo, but the century ride does. Go figure (Hey, I don’t make the rules).

I had to pad out the distance a little with a couple of loops around town but in the end I completed 102km (exactly) in 3hr21m01s. That’s an average speed of 30.4kph

By the time I got home, my legs were aching (but not painful) and after some stretching, some protein, a coffee and a shower, I felt much better. I must remember to stay hydrated during the day (I have a bottle of nuun in the fridge ready to go) and I should be right for a nice recovery ride in the morning.

A final addition to the ride – completion of stage 8 of the vTdF challenge.




2 responses

5 04 2011

Geez mate, you are becoming quite the biking powerhouse. You’ll definitely be finishing the vTdF before me at this rate. That is one very, very impressive ride.

5 04 2011

Thanks. I’m hardly a “biking powerhouse” though. Just pushing myself.
Tomorrows ride will be sensible and casual.

and you’ve still got nearly 200kms on me, and I’m about to get back into running so the kms will slow

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