Near miss

6 04 2011

Question: How hard is it to look both ways before turning right in a car?

Answer: Not hard at all, which makes me wonder why the ditzy blonde nearly drove straight into me.

A near miss. It’s lucky one of us was paying attention otherwise I would have been spread all over the road (or at best, her bonnet). Thankfully I have developed a habit of slowing down at intersections and being extra cautious.

It would have ruined an otherwise enjoyable ride. A nice recovery session today – a casual 50+kms at a leisurely 27kph. On an out and back course, it was a gentle spin at the back of the pack on the way out, and then faster on the way back. A tailwind on the return made life very easy and pushed up the average speed. Coffee and a chat at the end.

A nice ride.




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