12 04 2011

I’d planned to run to work on Sunday morning. Up at 4.30am to hear the wind howling and the rain thumping down.

Back to bed for another hour. Awesome.

Since it rained most of the afternoon too, my run plans for Sunday were ruined, so I converted it to a Monday run.

And of course, it rained yesterday morning. Thankfully it stopped around lunch time and I managed to get out around 2.

Under grey, threatening clouds, I finished my longest single run this year – 9.7km in 54min. No real speed there, and I definitely slowed down over the last couple of kms, but the important thing is that I kept going.

To be honest, I’m glad it rained on Sunday, because it gave me an extra day to rest. My first run in two months (last Thursday) really hurt. Today, however they feel reasonable and I’m thinking I’ll do half an hour on the treadmill this afternoon before work.

No 6am ride today. I didn’t finish work until a little after midnight, didn’t get to bed until 1 and absolutely was not in the mood to get out in the cold.

I’ll hit the bike tomorrow with the Wednesday group ride and then have a rest day on Thursday.

Finally, I entered the 4th Annual 100 Miles to Nowhere last night. I’ve decided it will be my fundraising event for the year and am hoping to raise $1000 AUD this year, which based on current trends, will buy about $5000 USD by June 😉





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