Test Run

25 04 2011

I’m about to head out for a run. I’m hoping to get through at least 10kms, but ideally 15km.

If I can do the whole distance in a good time, I’m going to sign up for the 2011 Sydney HM in three weeks.

Update: So here I am, 5 hours later and I’m feeling the effects of a hard 17.2km run. I never really got into the groove and went out reasonably easy, conscious not to overdo it or exhaust myself. I’ve blogged previously about my desire to always run at an average of 10.55kph (i.e. 4 hour marathon time), and while I would have liked to have done that today, I simply didn’t feel like I had it in me.

So my run today, 17.2km in 1h51m01s (that’s an awfully slow 6m28s/km). But I’m not bothered by the time. Today was my longest single run of the year, and I was thoroughly under prepared for it. I’ve barely run 100kms so far this year. But I am starting to get out more. I’ve focused on the bike so much this year, but I’m winding that back as I enter my running season.

So, I think I’ll enter the HM (assuming the wife lets me out for the weekend). I’ll still be aiming for a sub 2hr time, and I think that despite the course, I can probably manage that with some hard work.

So what’s hard work? Lots and lots of running for one thing. Have had a look at my upcoming roster, I don’t think it is unreasonable that if I can organise myself and commit, I can get another 80-100kms done over the next two weeks. Then again, I am Mr Disorganised, so lets see what happens. But whatever does, I would like at least a four day rest before running a HM.

For now though, my shoulders ache, my lower back aches but my legs feel ok. I kept moving (except for intersections and a quick water stop) and that was a victory itself.

The run:




4 responses

25 04 2011

See you in Sydney in 3 weeks then 😉

25 04 2011

I just checked out the registration page. It’s $109. F! me!

28 04 2011

I am thinking of running the HM on the 17th July in melbourne if I pull up OK from the GCM. We can chase AJH around and keep him honest lol

25 04 2011

Seems like we’re both HM training then. Good luck!

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