Training Plan

29 05 2011

After much consideration, I’ve chosen a training plan for the Sydney Marathon. After considering all the variables (days per week, straight kms vs hills/tempo etc), I’ve settled on this plan from AmeliaBurton.

I’ve tweaked it ever so slightly, increasing the long run on week 13 to 35km instead of 30km. I feel that I would be more comfortable with at least one 35km run under my belt before the big day. That way, the Marathon will be only 20% longer than my previous best, rather than 40%.

I’m also trying to work out the best way to work in the 2011 City2Surf at the end of week 11. The plan calls for 30kms, but the C2S is half that. Is it ok just to swap the days and do the 30km on the Friday and the (almost) 16km on Sunday? Or would that leave me too tired for the C2S on the Sunday?

I’m also hoping to fit in the Wagga Wagga Trail Half Marathon the following weekend and have the same query about swapping days. Any advice?

A thank you to Andy over at Going Hard in 2011 for his help with working out a plan.




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30 05 2011

Wow, there’s a lot of kilometers in there, isn’t there! I’m struggling a bit with my HM plan, not sure I’m ever going to be up to m second marathon. I’m guessing, like mine, your bike is going to be feeling a bit neglected?

30 05 2011

I haven’t been on the bike in almost two months and I am supposed to be doing a 160km charity ride in 5 days time. Thinking I might have to reschedule.

30 05 2011

I think you need to adjust your Sunday runs a little. Running 30k every Sunday is going to do you more harm than good. I would run 30k plus every second week. the in between weeks you should probably drop down to a max of 21k. The missing k’s from the Sunday should then be spread out during the week leading up to the 21k run. This way you can keep your weekly distance up.

Remember you are training, and trying to build up to running the marathon, rest and recovery are two very important aspects of your training.

As for fitting in the 30k run on the w/e of C2S the answer is simple, run from the city to Bondi, collect your medal and then run back to the city. There are plenty of people that do this so you won’t be the only one running the course in reverse.

30 05 2011

OK, sounds wise, but if that’s the case, would it then be better to do a couple more 35kms as well?

As for running back after the C2S, I was planning on doing the C2S at a higher pace than normal (75min minimum goal, sub 70 bold goal) so not sure I’ll have the stamina to go back again, but it is definitely worth some further thought.


3 06 2011

If you drop your long run distance on alternate weekend you can then extend the longers runs by a couple of k’s, so yes doing some 35k runs will do you the world of good.

Even if you dont have the stamina to run all the way back you will get teh benefit being spend time on your feet. Anything that goes up walk and run the downhill bits and the flat stuff.

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