1 06 2011

Despite being scheduled to start yesterday, my marathon training plan started today. Yesterday found me at work doing some overtime to cover a couple of sick colleagues before backing up with a normal midnight shift. So Day 1, Week 1 was pushed to today.

I’d decided that I’d do some hills with todays run, and that’s exactly what I did. The 13km out and back has three climbs on the outward leg and one on the return leg. Unfortunately, the hills I’d chosen were longer and steeper than any I’ve run in a while and they absolutely beat me down.

I’d expected to struggle up the main hill, especially after having conquered two smaller hills already. What I didn’t expect was to feel so utterly blah on the return leg. It wasn’t as much physical as it was mental. My mind beat me today. I just couldn’t get the right mindset and everytime I felt like slowing down, my brain agreed, and I was walking.

But I finished, despite a little walking and a drink stop 10km in. I hated the run though and was barely faster than a walk over the last 4 or so kms.

The main hill is steeper and longer than anything in the Sydney Marathon. Todays run was to the top, turn around and come back down. I’m hoping to keep my Tuesday run as a hills run and would like to be doing over and back as part of a 20km loop (at least) by the time the C2S comes around in August. If I can get to that stage, I should be well on track.

I just have to get my mind to come to the party.

Note: I’ve added an RSS feed to my Garmin page on the right of the screen. Unfortunately I’m not sure why only some of the activities are coming up. When I figure it out, I’ll post.




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