Program Update

9 06 2011

It’s now half way through the second week of my 16 week marathon training program and I’m wondering what it is I’ve got myself into. The sheer scope of this is starting to hit me as for the second week out of two I’ve struggled to keep the allotted schedule.

The weather again interfered with the scheduled Tuesday run and so I went out on Wednesday instead. Despite the bitter cold, it was for once, dry and I managed to complete the same route that defeated my last week. The main difference was that I started half way up the second hill, and so the “big” hill was over a lot earlier and I had the reserves to finish the run. Plus my mind didn’t wander this time. I’d still like to do the loop from the original starting point, and next week, I’ll attempt to do so, but I know now that I can still beat the hill.

Trying hard to get back on track, I completed today’s run as required. I’d planned ahead and was organised to run home from work, but late theatre meant I was leaving 45minutes of sunset, rather than half and hour before it, and I do not like running in the dark. But run I did, and I’m happy to now have two days off before the Sunday “long” run. Being only 11kms I shouldn’t have any real issue as long as the weather co-operates. Last Sunday it didn’t and I was forced inside and onto the treadmill.

As much as I’m glad to have a treadly, I find I don’t enjoy using it. It’s ok for short runs of 30 minutes or so, and I can see how it would make fast runs and fartleks and the like easier, but for normal runs, I just don’t enjoy staring at a wall. Sure music helps, but I find myself more motivated if I can watch the scenery change. I feel like I struggle with the mental game on the treadmill a hell of a lot more than I do on the road.

But I did use it last Sunday, and although life interrupted, I managed to complete 9 of the 11kms required. Which means that my monthly tally is already 47kms. If I can stick to the schedule for this month alone, I’ll complete my 150km in a month goal.

The only other thing of note in the last week is that as a result of a dismal, wet day, I had to postpone my 100miles of Nowhere ride. I’m hoping to do it soon, but if I leave it for too long it will create havoc with the training program and so it may have to get postponed until after the Sydney Marathon. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, since after the marathon, I’m going to kick the riding back into gear again and try and get my first 200km ride up not long after.

Finally, like ajh, my Virtual TdF goal has gone the way of the dodo. I simply didn’t ride enough and now, with two months off the bike, I just can’t see it being even remotely possible. Ah well.




One response

9 06 2011

I can relate to your struggle, I’m struggling to run enough for a Half.

I haven’t quite given up on the vTdF yet, it is still within the realms of possibility. Just.

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