Quick Update

29 06 2011

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Actually, that’s wrong. It has been one busy week followed by a holiday week in Sydney.

Week three of my marathon program went down the toilet. Extra shifts at work left me too exhausted to do much else other than sleep. Truth be told, I probably could’ve got out for a run, but consecutive 15 hour shifts ending at midnight tend to leave me disinclined for exercise. At then end of the week, the only run I managed to get up for was the Sunday long run. Having missed the whole week, I bumped up the scheduled 11kms to 18 to try and offset some of the kms I’d lost. Of course having been tired all week, I struggled to get any rythym and it took me nearly two hours to cover the distance.

Week four was similar, except that rather than being busy at week I had a full week planned in Sydney. Despite that, I did manage to get out for 10kms on Wednesday and a short 4kms on Friday. The Sunday long run was replaced by a 6 hour drive home.

Which brings me to this week (5). Making up for a few lost kms, I increased the scheduled 13km run on Tuesday to 19. I’ll definitely go out tomorrow for the easy 6.

Not a very exciting post. I’m too busy watching Tomic put up one hell of a fight against Djokovic in the Wimbledon Quarters. C’mon Aussie!




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