Dr G steps up to the plate.

5 07 2011

A (somewhat sporadic) series by guest poster Dr G, as she prepares for her first ever 10k fun run.

Couch to 5K is dead. Dr G has taken the massive step of signing up for the 2011 City2Surf, and has replaced the Couch to 5K program with a 10km training plan.

I’m diversifying. I’ve decided, having now completed a 10k course, that it’s a very long way, and c25k isn’t going to cut it any more. I’ve also decided that if one is going to move a body mass 10km horizontally, it should be as light a weight as possible.

The two combined decisions mean that I’m attempting at least some running every day.

Life gets in the way at times; working shifts makes it difficult sometimes. By the time I’ve finished, it’s dark +/- raining, and the gym’s closed. Or, like today, I’m working a double shift. But with diversifying goes adaptability, and I’ve worked out a plan. Basically, I squeeze in 30mins rain, hail or shine whenever I am home and it’s daylight. I have a fairly unique definition of daylight – dawn doesn’t count, but dusk certainly does. On days where it’s absolutely impossible, I make up for it the following day with a challenge to run for an hour.

And this week, with the exception of a “social” day on Saturday, it worked. I was out every day. One of my runs was a little disappointing. On Friday I faced off some hills and won. Sunday I did it again, and still got home faster than expected. The rest of the week was to plan.

But I did learn a couple of things this week. The first – I’m getting better (stronger and faster), albeit slowly. The second – running in black at night isn’t very smart.




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