12 07 2011

I’m a few runs behind. I was due to do a 30km (first ever) last Sunday but I was at work until 2am Sunday morning. By the time I’d slept and got myself organised it was almost time to front up for work again. Or rather, there wasn’t enough time to get the run done. Sunday night had me finishing at midnight and then fronting up for work again at 6am Monday morning. Which pretty much nix’d the idea of getting the run done on Monday afternoon.

Another 6am start (and a bad nights sleep) has left me exhausted again today. I’ve fallen asleep three times since coming home, so it’s an early night for me tonight.

I’m planning on an early start tomorrow. Up at 4.30am, and then 11km run to work (arrive by 6). Work and then 11km back home, which will take care of the two 10km runs scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday. On Thursday, I’ll do a 13km after work, and then the 30 on Saturday. Sunday will be a rest day and then on Monday I’ll do the 20 that was due on Sunday…

At least, that’s the plan. Clear as mud right? Everything now depends on the currently miserable weather.




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