18 07 2011

I ache.

The 30km has taken more out of me than I thought. The run was on Friday and on Saturday I was exhausted. Everything hurt, especially my shoulders. The dream of a gentle 10km on the treadmill was shattered. I couldn’t and shouldn’t run in this state. As the day got on, the tightness in my shoulders shifted up my neck and a kick-arse headache set in. Early to bed then.

Yesterday, was much better. My shoulders had settled and my quads had shifted from painful to just sore. Again I hoped to get out for a run on the tready just to stretch out. But then I noticed something else. My lower back was aching and I was having balance issues. I found myself repeatedly and inexplicably tipping over to the side. It seemed another day of stretching and resting was in order followed by another early night.

Today only my back aches. My legs feel tired, but not sore. I’ll definitely have to fire up the treadmill, especially since it’s raining again. Stupid winter.




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