26 07 2011

There’s nothing overly positive to write about I’m afraid. After my 30km run 10 days ago, I pulled up sore. Classic DOMS, nothing really surprising about that. With some rest and gentle stretching I recovered from this pretty well. After a couple of days, the miserable weather forced me inside for a solid run on the treadmill.

The treadmill run went well and I felt pretty good after it. I attempted to go out for a scheduled 19km hills run the next morning. As sooon as I started, I felt my right hip clicking. I pushed on for about a km before deciding that it was only getting worse, and I cancelled the run. With the C2S coming up in 18 days (it was 25 days at the time), I’m being cautious. At first it was a sharp stabbing sensation as I rocked my right leg backwards and forwards. It seems to be “snapping (or popping) hip” syndrome.

It was the weekend before my hip felt better, but I’ve given it a couple of extra days to be sure. I’m acutely aware of the injury I sustained before last years C2S and I don’t want to spend most of the final month off my feet. I may be doing a marathon traiing program, but the C2S is by main goal for the year. I REALLY want to beat my time from last year and beat it well. IF I feel prepared for the marathon, I’ll enter. If I don’t, I won’t. I’ve always said that.

So I’m protecting myself. Which is why I didn’t push it today. I had geared up for a slow 35km run, and was out and raring to go. It was going to be an LSD run (long, slow, distance) but I didn’t feel it. My mind just wasn’t there and at the 7km mark I started thinking of other things I’d rather be doing. In the end, I completed a little over ten kms in just on an hour. I have no issue with the pace – I never intended to hit my ‘race pace’, but I also never felt like I could either. When I did hit or exceed it, it was on a downhill and it wasn’t by design. On the flats I backed off again, and I simply didn’t feel like I’d be able to pick up any speed.

So I played it safe. On the plus side, my hip didn’t ache, and doesn’t now either. I’ll see how it feels at midnight after work. Hopefully I’ll get out for a fast run tomorrow afternoon.




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