Swim Coach

8 08 2011

Three things are undeniable.

1) Triathlons have a swim leg

2) Swim legs are hard

3) I’m a crap swimmer

I’ve talked for a long time about improving my swimming and I’ve never been able to make any real progress on my own. So yesterday I met up with a local personal trainer who is an accredited triathlon and swim coach. I wasn’t spoilt for choice, he was the only coach I could find locally, but having met him (Steve) and had a session with him, I’m happy.

My biggest concerns with my swimming are head position and breathing, which are obviously linked. I lift my head up too much, and I don’t breathe properly. Because I lift my head up too much, my butt sinks and I drag through the water rather than glide. Because I don’t breathe properly, I take in too much water when I take a breath and that kills my lungs. Steve spotted both of these in a second and then a few more things too. My stroke is too short, my kick too quick and from the knees, I’m not turning my body enough…and so on. I’m not the best student in the world but I’m committed to the work. I’ve got 15½ weeks to practice, at a minimum three swims a week.

Let’s go.


Details to follow




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