Rain on my parade

18 08 2011

I’ve made no bones about my desire to complete a full marathon this year, preferably in sub 4hrs but I’ll be content with a non-stop run.

Despite my running program having gone a little askew recently, I had hoped to be able to run the Wagga Trail Marathon this weekend rather than the previously planned Sydney Marathon in 4 weeks. Unfortunately, things haven’t quite panned out that way and I’m simply not going to be able to.

For one thing, it’s raining, and has been for nearly two days now. It was quite heavy yesterday and the trail will be a mudpit. I’m not keen on sinking up to my ankles in mud again as I nearly did last year (at times) but I was prepared to endure it. Unfortunately I can’t get the morning off and so I’ll have to give it a miss. Even if I could only have managed to get a couple of hours off, I would have at least had a crack at the half marathon, and try to get close to 100 minutes.

Instead, I’ll have to recommit to my running program and try to get up to Sydney in 4 weeks for the Sydney HM. Worse case scenario, I can take a shot at the Melbourne Marathon in October.





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