27 08 2011

The local triathlon club hold a “training” day on the last Sunday of every month. I’m not sure why, but the training days never seem to include a swim leg. Sure, when the lake was dry, it made sense, but these days it’s almost bursting at the edges. The wife thinks that council have banned swimming in the lake and that getting permission is simply too much red tape.

Anyway, last September, I entered my first and only “official” duathlon. Billed as a 2km run/8km ride/2/8/2 event, I originally set myself a goal time of 59 minutes, but pushed the goal to 1hr 6m after realising the route was slightly longer. In the end, I came home in 1hr 11.

Tomorrow, I’m entering again. And I’m holding myself to the original goal from last year. 59minutes.

The winning time from last month was 54m 34s. The month before, 54m 21s. By the same guy. In fact, it seems the winning time is constantly between 54 and 55 minutes. So a goal time of 59minutes will really be pushing myself.

It will mean 4.5min/km on the run, and 32.4km/h on the bile. And those times INCLUDE the transitions. I have no chance of course, but I’m going to chase it down nonetheless.

So, it’s almost exactly 11months since the last duathlon. Time to see if I’ve improved.

8.15am tomorrow morning and I’ll be there.

Update: Bag packed, bike sorted, early night. Just after midnight, the wife wakes up sick. About an hour later, number one daughter does the same.I spent three hours up and down last night listening to one or both of them spewing. The wife was in a worse state, but my firstborn needed much more attention. So not much sleep, and the wife is still out for the count. Looks like I’m not going anywhere today. I can handle the less than ideal sleep, and if that was all, I’d still run, but I have to look after the girls while the wife gets some zzz. Worse than all, it looks like the number 1’s fifth birthday party might have to be cancelled this afternoon.

Edit: Yep, birthday party cancelled 😦




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27 08 2011

Good luck, one without a swim, sounds like my sort of tri!

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