2012 Lake2Lagoon Run Report.

11 09 2011

Today’s run did not go to plan. And I’m not being coy. This isn’t some literary trick by which I lull you into a thinking that I’ve done terribly only to reveal that I really smashed my goals.

Nope, no such trick. In fact, I failed to achieve a single one of my goals. My time for the 9.5km course was 45m 46s and I have been pretty disappointed for most of the afternoon.

Not only did I miss the start, but I think I went out a little too hard and really paid the price for it later on. That’s right, I missed the start. By about 90s and to be honest it set the tone.

The plan for the race was to stick on the heels of my good mate Luke, who is a much stronger runner than me. We went for a training run the other day and I managed to stay with him for the whole 12km course. In the week since that run, I’ve been open in my praise of Luke for being so generous. I suspected I stayed with him for the whole course because he let me. That was proven today.

Luke went out hard, or at least it was hard from my point of view. I struggled to stay with him from the outset, but somehow I was right on him after the first km. A 4m7s km. Faster than every single 1km split in the recent City2Surf, even the downhill ones. And I felt it. The second km, the one in which I lost touch with Luke (never to regain) was also quick at 4m28. Again, faster than every single km in my 2011 City2Surf.

So after 2km, and with the “climb” starting, I was already hurting. I knew I couldn’t maintain this pace, but if I backed off up the slope I’d never regain any semblance of speed. Now I use the words “hill” and “climb” very loosely indeed. I don’t actually consider them to be either, but in the truest sense of the words, they are.

The ascent is around 2km long at a paltry 2%. I scooted along here at 5m/km pace and I was actually happy at that. I’d previously set myself a goal of passing the TV station by 20mins, and I was there in about 19m15s. At this point in that time, I’d figured I had a fair chance of running a sub 45 if I maintained current speeds. Of course, I’d planned on doing the next couple of km’s faster than average and then only backing off a little towards the end.

What is that Burns said about best laid plans? They oft go awry and I think that pretty much sums up my run from there. Sure I went downhill faster than I went up. Sure I backed off towards the end. The problem is I didn’t go fas enough downhill and I backed off to much. It’s all I could manage. The first km or two had taken it’s toll, and my calves were killing me. Every time I tried to push forward, my legs reined me back in. They were giving what they could and screaming at me in the process. A simple 9.5km run had devolved into a fight between my legs and my mind. I wasn’t stopping but I sure thought about it.

In the end, I persevered. It speaks volumes for the quality of the run that I used the word “persevere” in describing a 9.5km run. I was thoroughly disappointed at the time and remained so for most of the afternoon.

Not so much now though. As I look through the run data from my Garmin, I see that my average 1km split time was 4m47s. My 2011 City2Surf campaign saw my average km splits at 5m 1s, and I consider that to be my best and strongest run to date. So maybe today wasn’t that bad after all.

I have a week now until the Sydney Marathon, my first. I’m thoroughly under-prepared and so my only real goal is to finish without stopping (walking at water points excluded).




4 responses

13 09 2011
Emergency Admissions

Well done. For the run, but also for your delightful use of the word ‘devolved’. 🙂

19 09 2011
Emergency Admissions

So, how did the marathon go??

19 09 2011

Do you always ask questions to which you already know the answer?

19 09 2011
Emergency Admissions

Not always. Although it’s usually safer if I do.
And in any case, I’m asking on behalf of your readership! 🙂
I think it’s highly likely that beneath your terse and abbreviated SMS report to me, lurks an eloquent and evocative narrative worthy of a blog post. After all, there aren’t many people these days who understand that a preposition is not an appropriate word to end a sentence with.

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