Back on the Bike

22 09 2011

The winter hiatus has ended and I’m back on the bike. It hasn’t been a total break, I’ve had a couple of rides over the winter, but not more. I had intended to go out with the fast group on Tuesday morning but the 80kph winds put an end to that idea. So, I was determined to be up bright and early this morning to be out at the start line by 6am.

At 6am the ride started and I took up my usual place at the back of the pack. Considering I haven’t had any solid rides for a while now, I think I did a fair job of keeping up with them on the front half. As we hit the first hill, I put a big effort in and suprised myself. I didn’t drop off any where near as much as I thought I would and had I maintained the effort for the last little bit of the ride I would have been thoroughly impressed with my first up effort. The second hill was on us soon enough and I had done enough between the humps to catch the peleton.

Despite the second hill definitely being the easier of the two, the combined effort saw me drop off again. With the downhill leading into the sprint, I was sufficiently off the pace on the climb that when I crested, I had been well and truly dropped. On a slightly windy morning, with almost no recent riding, I had zero chance of catching anyone. As a result, I rode the back half of the course solo. At first, I tried to maintain my speed and stay above 40kph, then it was above 37…until it was an effort just to stay above 30kph.

Still, I made it home in a not too shabby time of 1hr 7mins for the 34km course. That’s a 30@30 which I am extremely happy with for my first ride back. By year end, I’d like to do this in 1hr.

My next ride will be the duathlon on Sunday. Given that I did ok on the bike today, I’m mildly hopeful about maintaining a 32kph average on the bike legs (which is where I really fell down last time).

Ride data




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23 09 2011

Well done! No 30@30s yet for me this year, not feeling strong enough to be truthful!

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