Future Plans

23 09 2011

So having had the disaster that was the Sydney marathon, what are my plans from here? What does 2011 and early 2012 hold for me?

Well, next up is the Wagga Triants Club Duathlon in just two days time. It’ll be a good hit out and an opportunity to gauge my overall progress since last year.

In a fortnight, I’ve entered the annaul Bicycle Wagga Wagga Canola Canter, an Audax ride. I’ve signed up for the 150km event, although I’d rather be doing the 200km. But with so little riding under my belt of late, the 150km will be a stretch as it is.

After that, I have a good seven weeks of hard training before lining up for my first ever triathlon, the Elite Energy triseries Sprint Triathlon. I’m working hard on my swimming now, and should be able to complete the 750m, 20km ride and 5km run in under 90minutes. At least that’s my goal.

A fortnight earlier, the inaugural City2Sea is on in Melbourne and I’m keen to enter. It’s the fledgling sister event to the City2Surf and I’d be keen to try and crack 65minutes for the relatively flat 14km course. However, I’ll only go if I can go down and back in a day, or I can get the grandparents to look after the girls for the weekend and I’ll take the Mrs. down for the weekend.

December is clear, as is most of January. I haven’t discarded the possibility of lining up for either the December Fest Triathlon in Canberra or attempting a solo marathon around home before the year end.

At the end of January, I’m entered in the Audax Alpine Classic 140km and hopefully I’ll be able to erase this years DNF. From there, I’ll be looking forward to either the Great Ocean Rd Classic or the Scody High Country Challenge in March, and then the BWW Hills Ride in April.





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