25 09 2011

Today I lined up for the Wagga Triants End of Month Club Duathlon. I’ve only done one of these before and it was exactly a year ago. Last year, I finished in 1hr 11m 13s. Today I set myself a goal of bettering that time with a somewhat unrealistic bold goal of a sub 1hr time.

In short, I acheived my goal, but not my bold goal. I came home in 1hr 05m 39s. A significant improvement I think, considering my lack of time on either the bike or the run lately (especially the bike). For purposes of comparison, I’ve posted my splits below

Leg 2010 2011
Run 1  9m 06s  8m 32s
Ride 1  19m 41s  16m 43s
Run 2  10m 31s  9m 08s
Ride 2  20m 57s  17m 40s
Run 3  10m 58s 9m 05s
 TOT  1h 11m 13s 1h 5h 39s

*Transition times included in split times for 2010, but not for 2011

This year, I was better prepared and ran with Garmin set to multisport so I am able to break down my leg and transition times a lot better.

The wind was up, but nothing too nasty. I’m particularly happy with my runs. Sub 9m for the first 2km and then just over 9m for the next two is great. I’ll do some fartleks over the next month and try to make it sub 9 for all three. And some hard work on the bike and I may make the 15m ride legs I had hoped for this month.

The next training day is on October 30. I should be off that weekend, so I’ll go along again. With some solid riding and running between now and then, I should be able to make another dent in that time.




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